Helping You Build A Better Business.

From start-up to dissolution, let us calm the treacherous waters of the professional world. Our business professionals are here to help with just about any problem your business confronts. With both extensive experience in the business world and a licensed attorney on staff, no problem is without a solution. Let us bring your dreams to reality!




Choosing the correct organization can impact your personal wealth. Let us help you choose the right organization for your needs.



Structuring a business can be impactful in the way money flows to owners as well has how assets are distributed in the event of changes or disillusion. We work with you to help you navigate to the best option for you and your team.



We view things from a 10,000-foot view. With your knowledge and our resources, we assist you to develop a plan to bring your vision to fruition.



With years of experience in IT, let us help you navigate the constantly evolving technology marketplace. We can help solve the problems you need solved and understand the technology necessary to get you there.



From SEO to direct marketing, we can help you develop a marketing strategy that will target the audience most receptive to your message.



Let us help you find and develop creative talent through use of scientific methods proven to work.



From construction to negotiation, we can help protect you from uncertain waters. You can feel secure in the knowledge that your contracts are custom for your business.


IP Management

Creation and protection of your intellectual property is vital in the business world. We can help you protect your intellectual efforts against the world.

We All Need Help to Realize What We Want Most. Let us help you achieve your dreams. Setup your initial consultation today!

Strategic Planning




About Us

We're DTR Consulting.
We Help Entrepreneurs Bring Their Dreams To Reality.

While we have tools and techniques that are useful in making change, true change only happens from within! Let us help you put the pieces in place to make the change you want to happen, happen.


DTR stands for "Dreams to Reality." We want to turn your vision into something tangible, a strategy that will accomplish all the dreams and goals you had when you started your business. This is our commitment.

We look forward to setting up an initial consultation to learn about your business and the problems we can help you address.